RCA Cut Sk8er Girl’s Budget

As previously reported, RCA and Avril Lavigne have been on a war-path, each standing strong to their own visions for the singer’s album. However, we can now confirm that RCA have cut the budget on Avril’s unfinished record, and have called it a day. The album which Avril recently declared “wrapped” is a mix of songs Avril previously recorded before her divorce, and songs she wrote on Sony’s money.

So one would think this album is a huge mess? Think again! According to one of Avril’s best friends who previously appeared in an episode of Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Pop Fiction’ with the star, “The album is one of Avril’s best. She has a lot of material to use, but, like, her label aren’t happy with, like, the lack of radio-friendly songs on the album, even though she’s been working on some for like the past few months.” We can report that our friends in LA state that there are over 36 tracks recorded for the album, but Avril is only going to be using 14 of those tracks for the album.

The lead single, which the friend describes as “upbeat but deep” was written by Alex Da Kid and Skylar Grey, and is set to be released sometime in the next month, according to the close friend. However that is not set in stone, Avril’s been skipping rehearsal’s lately to spend more time repairing her dying relationship with Brody Jenner, which evidently is pressuring the label to postpone the single release until next year.

So will Avril come back with a bang? Keep in touch for more inside scoop on Avril Lavigne’s fourth album.

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