RCA vs. Avril Lavigne

It has been reported by label executives working with RCA records that the company will want to remove Avril Lavigne from their label if her anticipated fourth album doesnt impact with sales. Avril has always had success when it came to album sales, having the most sales for Sony Music Entertainment in three different years in regards to albums.

RCA are not happy with Avril’s attitude when it comes to working on her album and claim that the star has not been devoted and has cost the company a record amount of money. The singer worked on an introspective album in mid-2009. After RCA begged Avril to go back into the studio after hearing the album, Avril was stubborn, and refused. After a release date was set for the album she fought so hard to release, the singer in April 2010, decided she would re-enter the studio and delay the album, and also the just-to-be released first single. The label were annoyed by this move as she wasted months of their time. After four months in the studio, off and on, the singer had little or no progress, and came back with three songs that weren’t good enough to make the cut. Since then Avril has been doing a mix of partying and other side-projects aswell as music, and the label still haven’t got a debut single that will bring Avril back into the spotlight after such a long break from the industry.

“RCA will want amazing album sales if they are to keep such an artist on their label”, an insider claimed. They want artists who will work and provide, and deserve their position on such a major label. A label exec said, “We’re not here for fun and games. This is a job and if you don’t want to work, then we don’t want you here”. Lavigne’s party has yet to comment on the story.

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2 Responses to RCA vs. Avril Lavigne

  1. Lisa says:

    Just wondering but where did you get this information from please ? Any sources or websites ? 🙂

  2. Emmanuel says:

    LOL! this seems soo fake
    and in case is true if RCA drops her then who will represent this label???? NO ONEE
    Christina is not doing good eather.

    so the label is gonna go down, this recorf label eat thanks to artist like Avril that hasn’t have a flop album soooooo this could not be true sorry.

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